Cuba offers amazing locations for shooting


Major Directors, Art-Directors, Fashion Designers, Photographers and Producers rank Cuba as one of the top three locations in the world. The cost of crew and production locations is significant lower than comparable venues such as Dominican Republic, South Africa, Miami, Puerto Rico, Brazil and Mallorca.

Cuba has more sun hours than most major commercial production destinations in the world. In Cuba you can shoot Big City scenes, Modern houses, Deserts, Mountains, Rivers and Jungle.

As for studios, Cubanacan Studios in Havana offers a Fully Equiped airconitioned 30×50 meters Studio with Setbuilding, Backlot, Equipment, Catering and Broadband Internet acess.

With twenty years of experience producing commercials, features, documentarys and music videos in Cuba and abroad Cuba studios team will ensure you a professional production with cost effective services, high production value and a great experience of shooting in Cuba.

Our services include hiring team and equipment, finding locations, scheduling and managing the production, the workflow and shooting infrastructure and arranging all necessary permits in Cuba for the productions. Contact us and we will tell you more.

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